Monday, February 25, 2008


20 years ago, Elio Marzullo brought the European born concept of the fashion house to Australian shores. Situated on the corner of Edward and Elizabeth streets in central Brisbane, Elio Moda has stood alone as a fashion location; a hub of style and expertise; the address of the best-dressed.

Now with a series of awards to its name and a string of prominent faces dependant on it, the Elio Moda label continues to set the benchmark for tailored wear in Australia. With a carefully plucked team of stylists and an in-house tailor to its credit, the success of the Brisbane born label is unsurprising.
The locally situated label reaches globally to clients on the move, bridging the gap European and Australian style. Its famous menswear and ever expanding womenswear collections have struck the right cord with the fashion elite in Australia. While the label may be most cherished by those with a nose for style, the house greets those in need of some fashion know-how with open arms, offering an educational experience to those who are willing.

Elio Moda are strong advocates of individuality in style, acknowledging the importance the balance between sophistication and individuality. There are some rules that cannot be broken in fashion and others that can be manipulated to create a more personalised look. Elio Moda believe finding the middle ground is essential to creating a successful look.

Tailored wear is an essential element of corporate and public life. The Elio Moda range juxtaposes high end fashion and corporate attire, creating a look that is appropriate for the office and screams style in the after-work party hours. While known notoriously for its tailored wear programme, Elio Moda also offers a range of casual wear and European labels, carefully chosen to compliment the sophistication of the tailored look.

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